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Apex Kidney Foundation is a charitable trust founded in 2008 by a philanthropist and 5 nephrologists. This foundation was started with a three-point agenda
  • To work towards prevention of kidney diseases by educating the general population and through early detection.
  • Providing support to those who are already inflicted with kidney disease in various ways including improvement in the quality of the care delivered by educating dialysis technicians and doctors, help in running charitable units, encourage kidney transplantation and provide financial and logistic help.
  • Right from the inception, the office bearers of the foundation have been working hard to do whatever possible to achieve this.
Eligibility is for those individuals who meet certain socio-economic requirements, don’t have insurance coverage, are being treated for kidney related diseases.

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AKF committee has the final say in who is eligible for the help from the Foundation


Apex Kidney Foundation neither supports or promotes the buying or selling of kidneys. Please be careful of fraudsters doing this.

Tax Exemption

All financial donations to Apex Kidney Foundation are exempt under section.80 G of the Income tax act.

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Any information given by the patient will not be shared with third party. For more check out the terms of service.

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