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The treatment of chronic kidney disease is very expensive. Dialysis is one of the costliest treatments in healthcare industry. Even the patients from higher income families get bankrupt in a few years of treatment especially if they are the prime earning members. The mandatory tests and medications are also very expensive.

Here is a sample treatment expense per month life long -(does not include treatment of intercurrent illnesses, loss of working hours of patient or / and attendant)

Dialysis Treatment Rs.19,200 / PM
Consumable Rs.1,200 / PM
Medications Rs.6,000 / PM
Lab Tests Rs.1,200 / PM
Total Rs.27,600 / PM

Looking at the per capita income of our population, this treatment is out of reach of most of us. Most patients give up treatment and die. Others go to small centers where they get low quality dialysis at lower cost. Many sell their property and jewellery to sustain. Children’s education is compromised.

The cost of transplant is about Rs 8,00,000 in most centers and the cost of medicines there after lifelong is about Rs 15,000 per year.

It is very evident that these patients need financial assistance.

All your donations will be tax exempt as per our 80-G of the I.T. ACT

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