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  • For a quality professional and personal development experience that will grow your skills, professional and personal
  • For connections with like-minded skilled people
  • For the life experience of living and working in Mumbai, one of the world’s mega cities.

We are looking for dedicated professionals with a passion to make a difference in India, as well as those seeking real world project management experience. Apex Kidney Foundation

Volunteers are proactive, excellent communicators, and work well under sometimes ambiguous circumstances.

Apex Kidney Foundation’s approach to educational development is different from that of any other organisation. We address the needs of education service providers at an organisational level, so that they can improve their offerings. That is why professional volunteers are so important. Beyond skills in education, we need expertise in marketing, HR, business and project management skills. Apex Kidney Foundation pairs the skills and motivations of each volunteer to a specific project with measureable outcomes, allowing for the best possible volunteer experience and the most significant impact.

Volunteers will be required to provide service at their nearest Geolocation

Apex Kidney Foundation provides an initial volunteer introduction and training, and weekly individual work meetings throughout each volunteer’s placement. We also have an active social life for volunteers, with regular events and updates on the great happenings in the city.

Apex Kidney Foundation’s volunteer program is unpaid, but Apex Kidney Foundation invests in you. Over a three month volunteership, Apex Kidney Foundation provides approximately 100 hours of support to each volunteer. This ensures that each Apex Kidney Foundation volunteer is supported in every area of their work and life in Mumbai..

No, unlike other volunteer organisations Apex Kidney Foundation does not charge a monthly fee to volunteer with us.

Apex Kidney Foundation is a professional development organization, and we expect all of our volunteers to perform at a professional level. Each volunteer is treated as the professional that they are: this is not a vacation. Working in the Indian development sector can be an incredibly enriching experience, which will teach volunteers to be innovative in their approach to every issue that they are faced with. As an emerging market, work experience in India and especially in Mumbai is highly valuable to employers. Apex Kidney Foundation trusts in volunteers to manage and execute a project, which creates a very valuable experience for young job seekers.

On completion of a volunteer placement with Apex Kidney Foundation, we provide each volunteer with a certificate and letter of recommendation. Each volunteer is then invited to join the Apex Kidney Foundation Alumni, which spans over 20 different countries to provide former volunteers with global professional connections.

Applications are open all year round. Ideally, a candidate would apply to be a volunteer about 4-5 months before they would like to start their placement.

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