Message from Course Director

Dr. Shrirang Bichu

He is a senior Nephrologist at Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Marine Lines, Mumbai. He completed his DNB (Nephrology ) from Bombay Hospital and fellowship from Westmead Hospital, Sydney

The estimated number of new ESRD patients in India is more than 700,000 each year. Of these barely 15,000 manage to continue dialysis for more than a month. About 5000 transplants are done every year.Our population has recently surpassed the billion-mark. We have only 1000 nephrologists to cater to this huge population. Most nephrologists practice in cities. In a progressive state like Maharashtra, we have only 4 D.M. posts and 11 DNB nephrology posts every year for whole of the state! The scene is worse in other states. As a result large stretches of regions and states have no nephrology services.

The need of the hour is to have more specialists practicing nephrology and that too in small towns. We need specialists who have good clinical knowledge and skill to treat all the common nephrology problems including conducting a good dialysis program independently. For rare and difficult issues they should be able to refer patients to tertiary centres. Those institutes capable of doing this should contribute to the pool of such specialists. We knew we could contribute.

With this thought we decided to start a training program which would accomplish motivated physicians with the art of practicing General Nephrology and provide dialysis treatments. We knew that a year's sound training alongside DM nephrology students would be good enough. We discussed this with our patron and mentor Prof Jeremy Chapman. He liked the idea and as always, offered all possible support and help. In fact he offered to contribute in the training by offering a 6 weeks stint at Westmead Hospital, Sydney University. This program has received recognition and has become popular because of this great contribution of Prof Jeremy Chapman and his team at Westmead.

The training program was launched in August 2010 and the first student. Dr Parag Tilve joined us. He was in government service for 6 years and took a sabbatical to do this course. After going through the rigors of the course, Dr Parag Tilve, decided to join the Apex group and contribute in the training of the students as a faculty member. He gave up his lucrative and secure job in the central government and opted for a career in academics. Subsequently the demand for the training programme has been increasing year after year. The aim of the program is to impart excellent training to the physicians making them apt and confident in handling cases in general nephrology, intensive care nephrology and hemodialysis .Our mission is to make this program more robust in the years to come.

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