Dr. Deepa Korivi

It gives me great pride to write this column as an alumnus of the Apex Fellowship Program (class of 2012-13) now integrated as a Nephrologist into the Apex Kidney Care family. I began this Fellowship in Feb 2012 at the Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences with the same anxiety as any other fellow comrade. To my surprise and happiness, I found myself easily integrated as a Nephrology Fellow, performing my assigned duties within just a fortnight. I attribute this to my mentors (a binary team of expert Nephrologists with vast clinical experience), my fellow residents and the enormous co-operation extended to me by the nursing staff and the dialysis technicians. During this journey I have acquired the confidence to do everything any Nephrologist does in clinical practice, including a free hand at invasive procedures like line insertions, biopsies of native and transplanted kidneys as well as in pre, intra and post-operative transplant management. This training program encompasses all facets of renal patient management with extensive exposure to patients with common and unusual renal problems covering in addition, areas of critical care and onco-nephrology. I have even learnt to perform dialysis on patients on the dialysis machine, all by myself. The core curriculum is broad based with a focus on academics and clinical research, reading biopsies by myself in the nephropathology rounds, presenting reviews at the journal clubs, case presentations and topic reviews which incorporate the latest advances in renal medicine. The academic program is structured and intense as should be for such training programs. Unlike any other training program, this program offers its fellows a 6 week training at Westmead Hospital, Sydney. This happens to be a premium Institute which boasts of the highest number of renal transplants in Australia. Working with Prof Jeremy Chapman and his team has been an outstanding experience. Learning the manner in which nephrology is practiced in Australia is a useful complement to what we do here. This training at Sydney also includes exposure to the Red Cross Society which harbours the HLA lab, sharpening the understanding of transplant immunobiology. I also feel enriched by the exposure to the electron microscopy department there, which is the haven for 3 giant electron microscopes (a distant reality for most of our hospitals in India). It is very satisfying for me to be able to now integrate my knowledge in nephropathology with clinical patient management. In a nutshell, the Apex fellowship program aims at transforming a good physician into an able Nephrologist to provide the best renal care in any corner of our country by building the knowledge base in clinical nephrology, dialysis and transplant, integrating investigative modalities into the practice of nephrology and inculcating a desire to be a clinical scientist as one would move ahead in life as a practicing nephrologist.

Dr. Mukesh Kar

It was a wonderful experience during my work in Bombay Hospital, P.D.Hinduja National Hospital in Mumbai and Westmead Hospital Sydney, Australia.I am thankful to APEX Kidney Foundation for allowing me to do this Fellowship course. After my course I joined to V.S.S Medical college, burla, orissa and working here since last 2months and trying to utilise all my knowledge to give best possible treatment to my patients. I have also got a good response from the patients.Last two months I have provided more than five hundred dialysis. Before I startedworking here ,the nephrology and dialysis services were miserable and almost paralysed.All nephrologists are concentrated in bhubaneswar and cuttack and hardly bothers about the need of patients. I belongs to the western orissa and I will be here till the end of my life to serve this neglected part of orissa.I am very much happy that APEX KIDNEY FOUNDATION,Mumbai has come forward to help me in providing nephrology services to this part of orissa. We have planned to open some dialysis centres in collaberation with some of the reputed hospitals shortly in a affordable price.We will see that the BPL patients should get dialysis benifits through govt schemes like RSBY and OSTF schemes. We will also see that CKD pts should get erythropoietin ,which is actually very costly,in a very nominal price. I have started the procedures like plasmapheresis, kidney biopsies, permanent HD catheter insertion, Temporary PD in paediatric pts, which were not being done here earlier regularly.I have streamlined regarding sending the biopsies sample to Apollo Bhubaneswar after meeting Dr Nachiketa Mohapatra, Nephropathologist. I have long way to go, looking forward with the hope to get the best results. Thanks to Apex Kidney Foundation who has helped me in all way and also in providing directions.

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